I'm Justin Barber, a designer born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

My experience working in Silicon Valley (previously at Google, now at an autonomous vehicle startup) has taught me a lot about venture, value, and ambition.

It's also made me a firm believer that not everything of worth in this world needs to scale or have a massive audience. Building forests is a worthy endeavor, but I think we need more bonsai.

That's why I created TinyTree: to help others publish small, meaningful creative projects that cultivate depth and beauty.

I fund half of the $500 for each grant directly out of my own pocket. The other $250 comes from my "Bonsai partners," a small group of people who help me publish my own passion projects through financial contributions (this grant is one of those projects).

Together, I hope we can help many solo creators bring their creative visions to life through TinyTree. If you're interested in funding a grant, please contact me!

Created by Justin Barber
Interested in funding a grant? Contact me.

Cultivate depth and beauty.